Fukuoka University,Faculty of Commerce
Graduate School of Commerce
Full Professor

Akira Hattori: Professor of Foreign Exchange and International Political Economy

And Chair,Founder,Director-General,Secretary-General and Project Director:
EPS(Economists for Peace and Security)-Japan

The Top-Level Member(Senior Member)FEPS(Economists for Peace and Security)-U.S.A

Research and Teaching Interests:

Normative and Positive Economic Theory,Dynamic Theory and Practice of Foreign Exchange MarketsAInstitutions@and Transactions, Political Economy and Intenational Political Economy:Normative,Positive,Comparative and Institutional.

Lectures and Seminars/ Faculty of Commerce:

Foreign Exchange and International Political Economy

Lectures and Seminars/ Graduate School of Commerce:

Foreign Exchange: Markets,Institutions and Transactions, Exchange Rate Policies and Exchange Rate Systems:Theory and Practice

Current Positions:

Tenured Full Professor,Faculty of Commerce,Fukuoka University,1987-Present:Tenured Full Professsor Graduate School of Commerce,1992-Present.

Invited Member of the ifo Institute WES Expert Group:ifo Institute World Economic Surve(ifo WES)::ifo Institute:Leibniz Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich,Germany

Previous Professional Positions:

From 1979,Fukuoka University
,Tenured Lecturer 1979-1982,Tenured Assistant Professor 1982-1987
MOE Research Assistant OfficerFMinistry of Education(Current:Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports Science and Technology-Japan:MEXT),Department of Economics,,National Kyushu University,1977-79

Higher Education Learning and Academic Training Course Background Profile:

1.PhD in Economics,National Kyushu University:Graduate SchoolJapan,1974-1977.

2.MA in Economics,National Kyushu University:Graduate School,Japan,1972-1974.
3.BA in Economics,National Kagawa University,Japan,1968-1972

New Frontier Path

ELaboratory for Outreach Economic Research Communication and Communicator(LOERCC),Project Director:
EEconomists for Peace and Security:(EPS:ECAAR):Global Outreach Communication Network for Peace,Security and Sustainable World Economy:EPS-Japan-Global Outreach Knowledge and Inspiration Network for Peace,Security and Sustainable World Economy-Akira Hattori,Founder,Chair,Director-General,Secretary-General and Project Director
EAboutEPS:Economists for Peace and Security is an international network of economists with affiliates in seventeen countries.The Board of Trustees seats 11 Nobel Laureates,two former Cabinet Secretaries,and a President of Federal Reserve Bank..Another 4 Nobel Laureates were Trustess before their deaths.Worldwide membership is 1000,mostly academic economists but increasingly concerned citizens,members of the media,staff of other NGOs,and government representatives.EPS is accredited with special consultative status to the Department of Public Information and the Economic and Social Coucil of the United Nations.This combination creates great potential for influence form a global vantage.Since 1989,Economist for Peace and Security,with the support of members,has been the voice for economists on issues of war,armaments,and conflict reduction,serving as a clearinghouse for research on these issues.EPS works to inform social scientists,citizens,journalists and policy-makers about the full costs of war and conflict,and to propose feasible alternative approches to building international security.(From,War and Poverty, Peace and Prosperity,A Conference at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard Collge,Annandale-on-Hudson,NY,May 30-June 1,2007)
ƒEPS Global Network,more explicit„

ƒPlease see U.N.NGO Branch,United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs„

ƒPlease visit USIP-EPS-SIPRI International Network for Economics and ConflictFINEC„

ƒAbolition 2000FABOLITION 2000 is a network of over 2000 organizations in more than 90 countries world wide working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.„

ƒInstitute for Economists,Economics and Social Sciences:International Research Network Institute for Political Economy(Distinguished Director and :Fukuoka University Professor Akira Hattori„

ƒIn the industrial age,war is tragedy,disaster,and devastation;it solves no political problems.War is a continuation not of politics,but of political failure..Jeffrey D.Sachs,July 23,2014,Volume27/Issue 1,September 2014,EPS Quarterly.:P.6 and 8„


Faculty of Commerce
Fukuoka University
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