About Kamiyama Lab.

The Internet is widely used in the world as a social infrastructure which is indispensable for daily life of people. Because anyone can access to the Internet, cyber attacks, e.g., information leak and DDoS attack, cause everyday in the world.

Content delivery services, e.g., web browsing and video streaming, dominate about 80 % traffic in the Internet, and the amount of traffic will continue to increase with increasing the resolution of video content and richness of webpages.

Moreover, IoT which is expected to enrich the life of people by analyzing sensing data measured by sensors and smartphones has attracted a wide attention. As the progress of IoT and automatic-operation vehicles, the requirement of communication quality as well as the patterns of user demand and data generation will be diversified.

Therefore, the importance of network design and control techniques has increased to effectively and stably manage a huge amount of traffic in the Internet.

Moreover, for promoting fair development of network services, regulations and rules are important to avoid specific organizations occupying profit and enable individuals and micro-enterprises with ideas of new technologies and services to feely provide network services.

In this laboratory, we tackle a broad range of research topics of design and control techniques of information networks as well as regulations and rules on information networks. Especially, we focus on the four research areas, (1) network control of content delivery services, (2) network control of IoT, (3) network security, and (4) network economics, using various techniques, e.g., optimization theory, machine learning, game theory, and maltiagent simulation.


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9 Jan. 2020

Ms. Sasaki and Prof. Kamiyama: received Best Paper Award at ICOIN 2020 for presented paper, "Designing Content Placement of CDN for Improving Aggregation Effect of ICN FIBs" (Three papers received BPA among 167 submissions.)

8 Jan. 2020
26 Dec. 2019

7 Dec. 2019

Got a visit from Prof. Nana and his colleagues of Bandung Institute of Technolog

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Department of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Fukuoka University
8-19-1 Nanakuma, Jonan-ku, Fukuoka, 814-0180 Japan
Email : kamiyama@fukuoka-u.ac.jp
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